Linux 802.11n CSI Tool

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FAQ, Things to Know, and Troubleshooting

1. How do I set wireless data rates (or get/set other station information)? [+]

2. How do I process CSI with MATLAB or Octave? [+]

3. Why does "deauthenticating [...] by local choice (reason=3)" appear with dmesg? [+]

4. Does the CSI Tool work with a different Intel device (e.g., IWL 6300)? [+]

5. For which packets is CSI measured? [+]

6. Which subcarriers are measured? [+]

7. Why doesn't the CSI tool work for encrypted access points? [+]

8. How is the CSI tool code licensed? [+]

9. The CSI Tool does not support a feature I want. Can I reprogram/modify the firmware source code? [+]

10. How do I deal with firmware crashes in AP mode? [+]

11. How can I get CSI measurements on multiple links at once? [+]

12. Can I log other information like payloads or sequence numbers for received packets? [+]

13. Why am I unable to operate in AP or IBSS (ad-hoc) modes on 5 GHz channels? [+]

14. Why does "module verification failed: signature and/or required key missing" appear? [+]

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